Building a sustainable energy future together

A commitment towards the climate, maximising people’s potential, creating value for customers and territories, safeguarding natural capital

We wish to present ourselves as a responsible actor with respect to our economic, human and environmental reference ecosystem: this is the reason why we have committed ourselves by adopting a challenging Sustainability Plan and an integrated and structured approach that would interpret sustainability as a business and value creation lever. 

With our Non-financial Disclosure 2022, we have identified four axes of sustainability that reflect our strategic business lines and corporate culture.


1. Climate change

Our mission is clear: virtuously combining sustainability and business, productivity and ethics, growth and environmental protection.

At Edison, we are committed on a daily basis to combating climate change by promoting renewable energy and efficient gas use, in order to foster the energy transition.

We also invest in new technologies, promoting the development of hydrogen and we are at the side of all our customers to accompany them on a path toward energy efficiency and decarbonization, by for example incentivizing sustainable mobility.


2. Human capital and inclusion

Edison's people are the real energy capable of changing everything. That is why we have always believed in the centrality of people  and we are constantly committed to fostering a fair and inclusive work environment.

We enhance human capital, promoting local employment and fostering the principles of health and safety, diversity and inclusion, as well as enhancing training and personal growth.


3. Value for customers, local areas and sustainable economic development

We sustainably create shared value for families, businesses, public administrations and associations.

We are beside all our clients to develop a dedicated service package that best meets all their needs.

We also focus our attention on supporting the territories where we listen to all the needs of our stakeholders to design together initiatives that promote sustainability-related issues


4. Natural capital and landscape

We promote economic growth that is sustainable and capable of keeping the ecosystems in which we operate in consideration.

We protect biodiversity in the territories where we are involved with our activities, operating in full compliance with current regulations and promoting initiatives aimed at safeguarding protected areas and the species that live there.

We safeguard the landscape as a meeting element between natural and human factors.

Contacts and useful resources

See all of the documentation concerning Edison's commitment to sustainability and the contact details of the CEO’s Office & Sustainability Department.