Mentorship: the Cross Generation Bridge

For the first time ever, up to four different generations coexist in the company’s workforce. Ages, value systems, conceptions of work, languages and objectives can be so different and distant that they represent one of the biggest and most crucial challenges for organisations.

The Cross Generations Bridge was devised to pass on Edison's heritage of history, culture and values, and introduce colleagues to the peculiarities of the new generations. It is an exchange project involving about 50 colleagues from the two corporate communities: the Young Community of people with 0-3 years of career experience, and Seniors with more than 20 years of seniority in the Edison Group.

The course takes the form of a series of 7 meetings aimed at bringing the two generations closer together through opportunities for simple, informal, authentic dialogue, without filters imposed by company hierarchies or rigidities due to the generation gap. The course concludes with a day of celebration presenting each pair's work.