Gas storage

What is Gas Storage?

By storage we mean the storage in underground structures of natural gas withdrawn from the national transport network and subsequently reintroduced into the network according to market demands.

A ongoing, safe and reliable supply

Storage is basic to ensure safety and continuity of the gas supply to companies and citizens all year. Indeed, gas imports are stable throughout the year, while gas consumption shows a significant seasonal variability, with winter peaks even 4 times higher than the summer ones. The gas storage activities balance the different needs between supply and consumption of this energy source in order to guarantee a steady, safe and reliable supply. In spring and summer, the natural gas provided by the supply system is stored in storage facilities and in winter, when consumption increases (especially the civilian one, due to the greater use of gas for heating), the gas gets reintroduced into the transport network so that it can reach any consumption points.

Our activities

We have been active in gas storage since 2004 through our subsidiary Edison Stoccaggio S.p.A., the second largest operator in Italy. The Edison Stoccaggio hub currently includes 3 fields: Cellino (TE), Collalto (TV) and San Potito and Cotignola (RA).


Storage concessions

1,025 million m3

Our overall storage capacity (including our strategic stock)

8.85 million m3

The gas amount we can supply per day

Our storage centers



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San Potito e Cotignola

San Potito e Cotignola

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