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In this area you can find the contact details of the CEO’s Office & Sustainability Department.

You can also consult all documentation concerning Edison's commitment to sustainability: indeed, in this section you will find the Non-Financial Disclosures issued from 2017 to date, the Sustainability Reports, our Code of Ethics and 231 Model and the archive with all of the EMAS statements.


Barbara Terenghi

Chief Sustainability Officer

Tel.: +39 02 62221


Elena Guarnone

Head of Sustainability

Tel.: +39 02 62228369



Non-Financial Disclosure

The official document with which we report our sustainability action with the aim of allowing a complete and clear indication of the results obtained and the objectives set.


Sustainability Policy

It clarifies our key principles for carrying out corporate and business activities through which our commitment and attention to environmental, social and governance issues are made explicit.


231 Model

It represents our company management system that identifies the operating procedures that the company develops to manage sensitive processes.


Code of Ethics

Defines the founding principles and values of company ethics, as well as rules of conduct and standards of implementation in relation to these principles.


  • Non-Financial Disclosures

    The NFD (Non-Financial Disclosure) is the document that public interest entities are required by law to draw up to report on their management methods, results achieved and commitments undertaken in the ESG (environmental, social and governance) realm. For Edison, it represents our willingness to manage the relationship with our stakeholders in an inclusive manner, engaged in a systematic process of listening and dialogue.

    Consolidated Non-Financial Disclosure 2023 download
    Consolidated Non-Financial Disclosure 2022 download
    Consolidated Non-Financial Disclosure 2021 download
    Consolidated Non-Financial Disclosure 2020 download
    Consolidated Non-Financial Disclosure 2019 download
    Consolidated Non-Financial Disclosure 2018 download
    Consolidated Non-Financial Disclosure 2017 download
  • Policy

    Health and Safety, Environmental, Quality and Sustainable Energy Policy download
    Policy on Diversity and Inclusion download
    Policy on the Protection of Human Rights download
    Policy on the activity of representation of interests download
    Policy on sustainable supply download
    Policy for the relationship with the territory and local communities download
  • Sustainability Reports

    Even before this became mandatory by law as of 2017, Edison freely chose to publish the environmental and social results of its activities starting in 2004 through an annual Sustainability Report: a transparency effort to show how the company interacts with the community and all categories of stakeholders.

    Sustainability Report 2016 download
    Sustainability Report 2015 download
    Sustainability Report 2014 download
    Sustainability Report 2013 download
    Sustainability Report 2012 download
    Sustainability Report 2011 download
    Sustainability Report 2010 download
    Sustainability Report 2009 download
    Sustainability Report 2008 download
    Sustainability Report 2007 download
    Sustainability Report 2006 download
    Sustainability Report 2005 download
    Sustainability Report 2004 download
  • EMAS Environmental Statements

    The EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) Environmental Statement is a document through which we provide information to the public and other stakeholders about our environmental impacts and performance relating to our production process. The statements here relate to our electricity production from hydroelectric, wind and thermoelectric sources.