Young Community

Young Community

New high school and university graduates join the Edison Young Community, a three-year development programme inside the company. The Young Community programme begins in the first few days after hiring and enables new recruits to build a network of relations across their professional area and the company.

Currently the Young Community is composed of more than 100 young people, half of which from an engineering background and with a significant percentage of women (40%).


Graduates in the Young Community are given a personal tutor who assists and guides their work for the first 3 years working alongside them on projects and assigning challenging targets.


They also take training courses such as:

  • Induction programme on the businesses of Edison and the main Group companies
  • Development programmes for personal leadership
  • Language training courses
  • Project work to meet specific company needs
  • Economics training

At the end of the Young Community programme the graduates are invited to work out with their manager and HR a personal development plan setting out specific growth targets and the support required to achieve them.