As the energy industry continues along the path to transformation, we at Edison encourage and enhance our colleagues’ innovative and enterprising spirit.

To give shape to the innovative ideas of the many colleagues wishing to get involved, the company created E-DEAS: a structured path for implementing innovative projects generated by Edison employees in areas related to the company’s lines of business.


E-DEAS is a chance for colleagues to grow and gain visibility, getting involved in a challenging project.

How E-DEAS works:

  • Anyone can submit their ideas on the platform, for evaluation by an in-house jury; ; 
  • The most deserving projects will undergo a feasibility test (Proof of Concept);
  • The projects that pass the feasibility test are then assigned to a team that will work on them full-time;
  • After 8 to 10 months of work, if deemed valid, the project may be permanently assigned to a business area.;
Internal mobility

Internal mobility