Its role in energy transition

Safety, competitiveness and sustainability: we invest in gas as a resource able to lead us towards a low carbon future, ensuring the stability of our national energy system.

We work for the security of our national energy system through long-term supply contracts and an articulated infrastructure system. We are committed to promote sustainable mobility by employing gas. We operate in the gas supply chain activities regulated by the competent authorities.


Security of supplies

We manage a diversified portfolio which allows us to guarantee security and flexibility to the Italian market supplies: we have long-term supply agreements with Qatar, Libya and Algeria and we are the competence center in the gas sector for the entire Edf Group.

We are also committed to develop an articulated infrastructural system based on a multi-source and multi-destination approach for the gas supplies security.

Gas as a resource for sustainable mobility

Mobility today is facing a great transformation, dealing with disruptive technologies that question traditional models. Gas plays a key position in this area and allows to reduce the transport sector environmental impact: using LNG or biomethane instead of traditional fuels leads to a significant reduction, in some cases to an almost total fall, of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.


Supply of ships, road transport and access to energy

We have a significant experience in the liquefied natural gas supply chain, by having developed the Porto Viro (Rovigo) terminal along with Exxon and Qatar Petroleum, first offshore regasification plant in the world, and by operating the Dunkerque regasification terminal, the second largest regasification plant in Europe, on behalf of our parent company EDF. We want to make LNG accessible for the Italian market by promoting a sustainable mobility: that's why we are developing the first integrated small scale LNG logistics chain with two plants, one under construction in Ravenna and one authorized in Oristano.


The energy of the circular economy for lower impact transport

We are the first operator authorized by GSE to collect and deliver biomethane and we have agreements to facilitate the transition to this more sustainable fuel. We supply compressed methane to fueling stations throughout the country. Through EnviTec Biogas we want to promote the construction of biomethane production plants by entrepreneurs mainly in the agricultural sector, while along with Lidl, IVECO and LC3 we supply a green fleet used in the stores logistics in Northern Italy. 

The regulated gas activities

We are involved in the infrastructural activities of the natural gas supply chain: to ensure safety and competitiveness, most of these activities are regulated by ARERA (Autorità di Regolazione per Energia Reti e Ambiente)