Edison provides the market with detailed information on its remuneration policy in the document 'Report on Remuneration Policy and Compensation Paid', which is updated and published annually together with the financial statements.

In compliance with current legal and regulatory requirements, the annual remuneration report contains, respectively, in the:


A disclosure of the Company's general policy on the remuneration of directors, top management, and company management in general, as well as auditors; and how it contributes to the sustainable development of the Company in economic, environmental and social terms. The procedures for the definition, implementation and verification of the application of the same policy for the current financial year and for the definition of the proposed remuneration policy for the following year are also outlined.


A detailed disclosure of the items and remuneration that make up the remuneration for the financial year for each director and auditor, as well as an aggregate disclosure of the items and remuneration of top managers.



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