Acquisitions and disposals

Month Disposals Acquisitions
July   Acquisition of the remaining shareholding of 49% in Assistenza Casa 
July Announcement of the signing of the agreement between Edison and Energean Oil and Gas for the acquisition of 100% of Edison Exploration & Production (E&P) and its shareholdings in the field of hydrocarbons exploration and production    
July   Acquisition of EDF EN Italia, from the EDF group , operating in the renewable energy sector  
June   Acquisition of Elpedison SA's remaining shareholding. Edison and Hellenic Petroleum gain the full joint control of the gas generation facilities in Greece 
April   Acquisition of Azienda Energetica Buschese Srl and Vernante Nuova Energia Srl active in the field of district heating
January Disposal of Compagnia Energetica Bellunese (CEB)  

Acquisition of the majority shareholding in Zephyro Spa and OPA's completion achieving 99,93% of the ordinary shares and 99,05% of the total share capital


  Acquisition of Attiva Spa
February   Acquisition of Gas Natural Vendita Italia
January   End of public tender offer. Edison's final share of Frendy Energy is 72,930%
November Sale and lease of Foro Buonaparte headquarter  
  Merger by incorporation of Edison Trading

Disposal of 7.3% stake in Adriatic LNG

Disposal of Infrastrutture Trasporto Gas (ITG), owner of the Cavarzere Minerbio gas pipeline

Acquisition of 50.078% of Frendy Energy and public tender offer for all the remaining shares

March Disposal of 51% stake in Gever

Acquisition of 51% stake in Assistenza Casa, an Italian company of the HomeServe group, that offers assistance services to domestic installations, buildings and SME.

Acquisition of 51% stake in Comat Energia, a company offering biomass district heating services in the area of Piedmont.

September Disposal of Fenice Russia  
August Disposal of Milazzo thermoelectric power plant  
May   Acquisition of 9 mini hydro plants in Piedmont and Friuli Regions.

Swap of Edison stakes in Hydros (40%) and SelEdison (40%), hydroelectric power generation companies in the province of Bolzano and Alperia's 100% participation in Cellina Energy, owner of 90 MW hydroelectric plants in Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.

March   Contribution in kind to Edison by TdE (Transalpina di Energia) of 100% stake in Fenice, an EDF Group Company specialized in energy solutions and environmental services.
July   Acquisition from the AGS (Alto Garda Servizi) Group of SHEN spa, a company which operates the hydroelectric plant in Maleo (Lodi) on the Adda river.
April   Acquisition of stakes in Scott & Telford fields in North Sea in UK

Closing of the agreement among Edison, EDF Energies Nouvelles and F2i: launch of renewable energy hub

February Disposal of Porcari thermoelectric power plant  
October   Acquisition of 100% of EDF Production UK Ltd
March Disposal of 100% of Sondel Dakar Bv and GTI Dakar Ltd (30% held by Sondel Dakar Bv)  
October   Acquisition of 100% of CSE Srl (energy efficiency business)
May Disposal of 50% stake in Edipower Spa  
April Disposal of 2.703% of Terminale GNL Adriatico Srl  
March   Acquisition of 80% of AMG Palermo
January   Acquisition of hydrocarbons rights in Abu Qir gas fields
May Disposal of 51% of Dolomiti Edison Energy Srl, owner of 3 hydroelectric plants (180 MW)  
April Disposal of 7 CIP6 thermoelectric plants  
February   Acquisition of 2.8% of Galsi Spa
January   Acquisition of 5% of Edipower
July   Acquisition of 5% of Edipower
February Disposal of 66.3% of Serene Spa to BG Italia Spa  
October - December Disposal of 100% Edison Rete Spa, Edison Group'se high voltage grid operator, to Terna Spa  
July   Acquisition of 100% of EDF Italia, subsequently merged into Edison Energia Spa
November Transfer to Miotir Spa of 0.93% of the corporate capital of Gemina Spa  
July Transfer of Tecnimont Spa to Maire Holding Spa; transfer to Mediobanca Spa of 5.1% of the corporate capital of AEM Spa  
May Transfer of the full Edison holding (39%) in Sidi Krir Generating Company Ltd. and Sidi Krir Operating Company Bv to Globeleq  
December   Acquisition of a 75% holding of ISE from Finel
November Transfer of Açucar Guarani Sa to Tereos  
August Transfer of 100% of Edison T&S and Società Gasdotti del Mezzogiorno (SGM) to Clessidra Smc Establishing of Edison Stoccaggio SpA
July   Acquisition of a 25% holding of ISE from Ilva
June Transfer by IWH of the business in Scotland to Infrastructure Investors LP  
March Transfer by IWH of International Water Poland Bv to International Water UU Holdings Bv  
February Transfer of the thermoelectric power plant Turk Edison Enerji As to Entek As  
December Water Bulgaria Bv and International Water Estonia Bv, companies of the IWH group, transfer their shareholdings in International Water UU Sofia and in International Water UU Tallin to a joint venture made up of United Utilities and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (BERS)  
November Transfer by IHW of the shareholdings in the companies Sofijska Voda Ad, As Tallin Vesi and Przedsiebiorstwo Komunalne Aqua Sa to a joint venture created by United Utilities with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (BERS). IHW also transfers its holding in Manila Water Company Inc. to Manila Water Company Inc. and United Utilities Plc  
August Transfer of EdisonTel to Plug It  
July Transfer, through Tecnimont, Edison subsidiary, of the high speed railway section Milan-Genoa, to Impregilo  
May Transfer of Antibioticos Sa to Fidia Farmaceutici Spa (Sir Industrial group)  
April Transfer, through the subsidiary Edison International Spa, of the consession in Egypt of West Delta Deep Marine to the Petronas group  
November - December Transfer of holding in Béghin-Say to Union des Sucreries et Distilleries Agricoles (Union SDA) and to Union des Planteurs de Betteraves à Sucre (Union BS)  
September Transfer of Intermarine Spa to Rodriquez Cantieri Navali Spa  
August - November Transfer of Provimi Sa to CVC Capital Partners and PAI Management  
July - October Transfer of Cereol Sa to Bunge Limited  
May Transfer of Agora Spa (company that holds Ausimont Spa) to Solvay; Cereol – Edison subsidiary – transfers Carapelli to B&S Private Equity Group (B&S PEG), Arca Imprese Gestioni SMC (Arca) and Monte dei Paschi di Siena Edipower, Edison subsidiary (40%), acquires Eurogen, the largest of the three electricity-producing companies privatised by ENEL
April CTransfer of Eridania Spa to Sacofin  
February Falck division in favor of Falck; transfer of CMI Spa the Agarini Group; Edison Spa, Fiat Energy Spa and Sondel Spa merged into Montedison Spa the latter renamed to Edison Spa Edison merged into Italenergia Spa and, renamed Edison Spa  
December Transfer of Koipe  
August Transfer of stakeholding in Dieci Srl to the other partners  
July La Fondiaria, transfer of controlling shares to SAI  
January   Acquisition by IWH of the control of As Tallin Vesi, a company that manages Tallin's water services