An axis of sustainable development

Sun energy

Combined with the historic presence in hydroelectric and wind power, we have laid the foundations for a significant development also in photovoltaic. Today, our production park consists also of plants generating energy from the sun: one of the sustainable development axes of our strategy, founded on renewable sources, along with water and wind.

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Our photovoltaic plants in Italy

87 MW

The installed capacity of our photovoltaic park


The Italian regions where our photovoltaic plants are

54 GWh

Photovoltaic energy generated in 2019


A multi-year agreement for developing new projects

In the photovoltaic sector we develop projects internally or collaborating with external partners. We entered into an agreement with Renergetica, an innovative SME operating as a developer in the renewable energy sector. The agreement establishes that Renergetica identifies projects for building photovoltaic plants, which will be developed by Renergetica itself and subsequently transferred to us.


A new plant in Sicily

We acquired the authorization to build a new photovoltaic plant in Aidone in the province of Enna. The plant will have a producibility of over 80 GWh per year with an installed power of 41 MW and will meet the energy needs of about 30,000 families. Thanks to this new project we will save 25,704 tons of CO2 per year. The plant will go into operation in 2022.

Fight against climate change: our goals for a sustainable energy future

By 2030, we want to increase the production of electricity from renewable sources reaching 40% and to reduce the specific CO2 emissions of our electricity generation park to 0.26 kg / kWh.

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