The Edison Group is a highly complex structured entity operating through several companies in a number of different lines of business. In order to promote knowledge of the company, from its history to its current strategy, we have created an onboarding platform that starts on every new employee’s first day in the company.

EdisonExpo is an event for new hires, in which company divisions introduce themselves and the Executive Committee responds to new colleagues’ questions.

Edison OnBoarding is a year of discovery!

On the first day:

  • New employees are welcomed by a colleague from their team or a member of management
  • The Edison OnBoarding platform provides documents and videos to get them started
  • The Welcome Kit is a set of gadgets ensuring a warm welcome!

During the year:

  • EdisonGame is an interactive game to be played in teams to learn about the company's projects and activities, challenging and competing with new colleagues

Once a year:

  • To give shape to the innovative ideas of the many colleagues wishing to get involved, the company created E-DEAS: a structured path for implementing innovative projects generated by Edison employees in areas related to the company’s lines of business.
  • EdisonExpo is an exhibition of professions and activities, in the form of a week of presentations, videos, workshops, webinars, guided tours of power plants and a Q&A session with the Executive Committee.