An ideal place to work

We have an international vision, employees in many countries and a huge presence in Italy.

Worklife Balance e Benefit

Flexible working hours, healthcare assistance and medical prevention campaigns, family benefits and support for sustainable mobility are all some of the ways we help our people improve their health and quality of life.

Health and well-being

Each year we run prevention campaigns against ill-health, online medical advice and wellness programmes inside and outside the company. We also give full health insurance to all employees who want it.


The company provides a range of benefits and services for the children of employees, including paediatric care, baby sitting, summer camps, study holidays and school and career orientation guidance.

Edison for You

"Edison for You” is a program that encompasses all the services and initiatives created by the Company to help employees satisfy their personal needs and reach their professional aims.

Contracts and flexible hours

Over the years we have developed labour contracts in agreement with the trade unions that meet the needs of the company while ensuring maximum flexibility for our people.

Daily benefits

We have special price deals on public transport and the railways, assistance with bureaucracy, online legal and tax advice, and an area dedicated to leisure time and cultural activities.

Company activities

We run many initiatives to encourage employees to spend time together outside working hours such as cultural, sports and team building events.