Share capital and shareholders

  As at April 28, 2021
Edison Spa share capital (€) (1) 4,736,177,250.00
Ordinary shares 4,626,557,357
Saving shares 109,559,893
Total shares 4,736,117,250


Major shareholders (04/30/2021) On ordinary shares (% voting rights)

On share capital (% interest held)

Transalpina di Energia Spa (*) 99.473% 97.172%

(1) Nominal value per share is 1 euro.
(*) 100% Indirectly controlled by EDF Electricité de France Sa.

Shareholders' agreements

On May 24, 2012, following the execution of the agreements related to Edison’s reorganization that implied the take-over of Transalpina di Energia – “TdE” – (and therefore of Edison) by Electricitè de France (EDF) and the exit of Delmi from the shareholding of TdE itself, the shareholders’ agreements relevant ex art. 122 of T.U.F. between EDF and Delmi extinguished.