Visit our headquarter

Palazzo Edison

The Edison building at Foro Buonaparte 31 in Milan has been our headquarters since 1923.

The building was constructed between 1891 and 1892 to plans by architect Enrico Combi, for a company called Strade Ferrate del Mediterraneo.

The company's management, in proceeding with this project, '(...) bore in mind the concept that the new building was to rise with a rational grandeur of style, without exceeding those limits that an industrial company must never lose sight of (...)'.

Take a virtual tour of the Edison Building

Through Google Street View, you can visit Palazzo Edison from your own home, with your PC or smartphone. Enjoy all-round views of the building, from the open space to the guesthouse, from the orangery to the conference room, passing through the Fountain Room, where strategic meetings are held, and the Coffee Shop where we spend relaxing moments together. Come visit us: start your tour!

Historic stained glass windows

The three stained glass windows on the first floor date back to 1922. The first, flat pane of glass covers the octagonal area at the entrance to the building, between the two rooms to the east and west, with their almost identical vaulted ceilings. The work of Corvaya-Bazzi & Co. of Milan, they consist of 18 thousand pieces of coloured glass weighing 2000 kg, a total of 550 square metres of glass per window.

The Fountain Room

On the second floor - containing the Chairman’s offices and the spaces where prestigious guests are received - is the meeting room known today as the Fountain Room for its beautiful marble fountain, engraved with the lines from St Francis’s Canticle dedicated to water: 'Laudato si mi Signore per sora acqua la quale è molto utile et umile et preziosa et casta'. As well as fulfilling a decorative function, the water from the fountain’s many nozzles absorbed the cigar and cigarette smoke from meetings.