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Edison uses the SAP Ariba system. 

In this regard, we remind you that only the Standard account, which is free, is sufficient to operate with us.

If you already have an Ariba Enterprise account and use it for other customers, we inform you that Ariba allows the same person to create multiple accounts to work with different customers. The various accounts can be standard or Enterprise depending on the relationship with the specific customer.

If you are not a Edison group supplier, registration is the first step.
For the supply of goods and services, Edison adopts policies based on high transparency, impartiality and free competition, stipulating contracts with suppliers that, in addition to having technical requisites, apply the best organizational methods, safety and environmental standards and have a respectable reputation. Qualification, selection, purchasing procedures adopted by Edison meet social and environmental requirements.

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Select Good and Service Categories of Edison Group 0.15 MB download
Electronic Tender Manual 1.25 MB download
Supplier Qualification Manual 4.65 MB download
Supplier Self Registration Manual 2.98 MB download
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