We are the oldest energy company in Europe

We have been producing electricity through renewable sources for over 135 years. Today we confirm our commitment to lead our country's energy transition.

We are committed to safeguard the planet and guarantee the well-being of its inhabitants: our pledge to develop renewable sources, natural gas and energy efficiency services is proof of that.

We are the energy that changes everything

We have been accompanying the development of industries and cities since the end of the 19th century. Now we look together at a future of efficient, clean and sustainable energy.

We are an integrated operator in the energy sector: from production to distribution and sale of electricity

Our power generation park is highly sustainable, flexible and efficient and is made up of gas-fired combined cycle thermoelectric (CCGT), hydroelectric, wind and solar power plants.


Our power plants

6.4445 MW

The company's installed power

20,6 TWh

The electricity we produced in 2019


Our percentage of national production


Gas as a resource for the transition

We are committed to diversify sources and routes of supply for the national energy system safety and competitiveness. We are studying the construction of new infrastructures to import gas and we are developing the first integrated small scale LNG (small-scale liquefied natural gas plants) logistics chain, to support heavy and maritime sustainable mobility. We also manage gas storage and distribution activities.

Families, businesses, public administrations and territories

We focus our strategy on offering innovative services built on the needs of our consumers and stakeholders. We are at their side to offer our expertise, we want to stimulate in them a more conscious and intelligent use of energy and we cultivate relationships made of transparency and trust. Because only together with our customers can we build a future of sustainable energy.

Families and businesses

Edison Energia: a world of services

Digitization and sustainability: in a changing environment, as well as supplying our customers with electricity and gas, we have developed a platform of innovative solutions that allows them to reduce their consumption and to use energy cleverly. Electric mobility, domestic photovoltaics, efficient heating and air conditioning systems, assistance services against the unexpected: we want to ensure our customers comfort, safety and an environmentally friendly lifestyle.


Energy and environmental efficiency services

We offer integrated and tailor-made energy consulting solutions, we deal with redevelopment and design of buildings and on-site energy production using energy resources in order to minimize the environmental impact and reduce economic expenses. We make our experience and know-how available to companies, public administrations and territories to spread an energy efficiency culture and promote the development of our Country and its companies.

Environmental protection, customer care and human resources: an increasingly sustainable energy

Sustainability is for us a lever of our business and a way to create value: for this reason we have oriented our activities towards the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Innovation for collective well-being

Seizing the best opportunities and responding to the needs of a rapidly changing market: to meet the digitization challenges we have activated a process of profound transformation able to enhance both the company's knowledge base and the relationships we cultivate with universities, startups and associations.