Building a low carbon future together

Environmental protection, customer care, support for human resources and increasingly sustainable energy

For Edison sustainability is a business lever useful for value creation: for this reason we have committed ourselves to orientate our business activities in the direction indicated by UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Our sustainability policies, set out in the 2018 “Consolidated Non-Financial Statement”, consist of six areas of action: sustainability of business processes, combating climate change, enhancement of people and talent, closeness to customers and the market, protection of biodiversity, interaction with stakeholders and shared planning.

Sustainability of company processes

Every day we work to create shared value for all our stakeholders, acting in an inclusive manner, with transparency and integrity. Today, competing means knowing how to listen, innovating processes and being resilient: this is the only way in which we can respond to the challenges of a changing world by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the ongoing digital revolution.

Combating climate change

We have initiated a process to reduce our emissions and those of our customers. The strategy involves increasing energy production from renewable sources and promoting natural gas as a necessary source for the country’s energy transition. For the retail sector, we offer our customers integrated solutions to manage and optimize energy consumption.

People and talent

We put our employees first, enhancing and encouraging the sharing of skills and knowledge. We promote an inclusive environment in which the value of diversity is recognized, ensuring that our employees can fully apply their talent. We are also committed to ensuring our employees’ health and safety and we invest in welfare initiatives to ensure a correct work-life balance.

Closeness to customers and markets

We cultivate loyal and lasting relationships with all our stakeholders and operate in the market with transparency and fairness, always maintaining a customer-centred approach. To achieve this, we work to strengthen dialogue tools and control procedures. Focusing on innovation and digitalisation, we offer a range of services designed to meet the needs of our customers, which encourages sustainable consumption and low impact choices.

Biodiversity protection

We combine competitiveness and sustainability, protecting the landscape and biodiversity. For more sustainable production that respects the environment, we develop new technologies and make our processes more efficient: we are committed to controlling, monitoring and mitigating the environmental impact of our production activities and we carry out projects and activities to raise awareness among communities and in local areas.

A constant dialogue with the local areas

We want to respond in an increasingly efficient, innovative and integrated way to the needs of the areas that host us, of our partner companies and of all citizens. For this reason, we plan initiatives jointly with our stakeholders.


Edison participates in the construction of a sustainable development’s model which would combine economic growth and social responsibility. Because of this, we adhere to the 2030 Agenda and commit ourselves to respect the 10 fundamental principles of Global Compact, which promotes a business culture environmentally, legally and socially aware. Download the integral document to explore our sustainability projects.

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Our nine targets for sustainable development

With the 2018 “Consolidated Non-Financial Statement”, Edison formalized nine targets that concretely translate the company’s commitment to building a future of sustainable energy with its stakeholders.


Launch at least 30 digital transformation projects by 2021


Increase the production of electricity from renewable sources, reaching 40% by 2030

#3: CO2

Reduce specific CO2 emissions from electric power generation facilities by 0.26 kg/kWh by 2030


Involve at least 2000 employees in inclusion projects by 2021


Spread the use of social collaboration tools among at least 70% of employees


Establish a recruiting and professional development process to strengthen the presence of women for managerial categories


Launch, by 2021, at least 30 design initiatives through the innovative BIM system


Keep customer satisfaction high over time and consolidate the nationwide network by 2021, reaching 400 contact points


Arrange at least two meetings of the SDGs@Edison stakeholder panel per year, of which at least one in the areas of interest


Create at least three initiatives of habitat preservation and biodiversity enhancement by 2023