How we innovate

Our approach to innovation

By always looking forward, we are convinced that innovation is not only key to empower the future, but also an engine of change. Oour constant focus on developing cutting-edge solutions, together with excellence in management and technology, made us able to anticipate market trends ever since the company’s foundation.

Our strategic view of innovation

Like long ago, today – innovation is guided by a strategic vision
Our innovation strategy is declined through several fronts: from constant scouting of new technologies for energy transition, to exploring new business models, with a focus on new opportunities offered by innovative technologies such artificial intelligence, applied massively to all our projects. 
This is a structured process in which our Strategy, Corporate Development & Innovation plays a central role both in developing initiatives in their assessment phase, coordinating release steps, as well as providing development tools and expertise through their industrialization process. Our approach is practical and permanently focused on quality improvement of our services, on efficiency and sustainability of our energy production plants with dedication to process optimization for a safe and people-friendly work environment. Same care is dedicated to both long- and shorter-term projects, according to the objectives set by the European Commission for 2030 and 2050 towards a massive CO2 emission cut and a new model of economic development. 
Our partners ecosystem (notably universities, incubators, startup, corporations, equity funds...) we explore, test, and develop new solutions through an open innovation model and a continuous process of growth.

Open Innovation

Edison promotes an open innovation model and is committed to contributing to a common sustainable future, together with actors of Italian innovation ecosystem, notably startups and enterprises.

Our common openness towards innovative realities was made structural in 2018, when we opened Officine Edison, two headquarters entirely dedicated to innovation and digital technologies inside the country’s prominent polytechnic universities of Milan and Turin, nurturing two of the most innovative and dynamic of Italy’s ecosystems.

Officine Edison

Officine Edison of Turin and Milan are two pioneering realities facing today’s challenges of the energy sector. This is made possible by their inner contamination of ideas, talents, and the most diverse competencies.

Another crucial element of our innovation strategy is constant investment on individuals and their competence development. Many are the initiatives take over the decades, notably Edison Digital Academy (EDA): a corporate training academy born in 2020 devoted to the internal growth of digital skills among our workforces. The academy has trained over 450 employees to date.

Edison Digital Academy

The Edison Digital Academy (EDA) was launched in 2020 with the collaboration of Talent Garden. The academy is now an accredited school with the mission of permanent training on skills for digital transformation.


This initiative was conceived to maintain an open-minded and stimulating work environment enabling free exchange of knowledge and contribution to process innovation.

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