We invest in efficiency and innovation

Safety and flexibility for the national electricity system

Thanks to the electricity generated by our natural gas-fired combined cycle power plants, we ensure the necessary safety and flexibility to the national electricity system in order to compensate the non-programmability of renewable sources and meet the energy needs of Italian companies and families.


Thermoelectric plants in Italy

4.885,19 MW

Overall net efficient power in our thermoelectric facilities


Italian regions in which we operate

14.238,43 GWh

Overall thermoelectric energy produced in 2023


How a thermoelectric power plant works

A combined cycle power plant by combining two thermodynamic cycles, the first with gas and the latter with steam, optimizes the energy contained in the fuel: it's the natural gas.


An efficient technology

We were the first in Italy to introduce gas combined cycle technology in 1992: the most efficient and sustainable way to produce electricity through thermoelectric plants.

Today, our commitment to innovation goes on and we are investing over 670 million euros to modernize the Marghera Levante power plant in Veneto and to realize a a new plant in Presenzano in Campania: both will be two latest generation gas combined cycles able to ensure a significant reduction of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides specific emissions compared to the current Italian thermoelectric park average.


The most efficient thermoelectric plant in Europe


A new step for the energy transition


Our presence abroad

We are active in the electricity generation sector even outside national borders: our most significant presence is in Greece through ElpEdison, company born from a joint venture with Hellenic Petroleum, which owns two major combined cycle power plants in Thessaloniki (390 MW) and Thisvi (410 MW).

Our environmental declarations

We have voluntarily adhered to the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme Regulations (EMAS) concerning our thermoelectric plants to show our attention and our commitment to a sustainable development of our business. The incentive to achieve this and other certifications arises from the awareness that our influence on the workplace environment and safety are aspects to be monitored through a proper plants management and thanks to constant dialogue with our people, the local communities hosting us and all the supply chain stakeholders.

Fight against climate change: our goals for a sustainable energy future

By 2030, we want to increase the production of electricity from renewable sources reaching 40% and to reduce the specific CO2 emissions of our electricity generation park to 230 gCO2/KWh.

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