Corporate Governance System

Corporate Governance

Edison has adopted a traditional organisational model, as set out in the bylaws, which provides for the distinction of roles and responsibilities between the board of directors and the control body, and consists of the following bodies: Shareholders' Meeting, Board of Directors (assisted by the Committees established within the Board itself), Board of Statutory Auditors, Audit Company and Supervisory Board under Legislative Decree 231. In addition to these bodies are the special meeting of savings share holders and the category representative.  
Pursuant to current regulations, Edison maintains the status of "listed issuer" and, on a voluntary basis, adheres to the Corporate Governance Code (with limited and non-significant exceptions), even though Edison currently has only savings shares listed on the Euronext Milan Market (EXM).

Edison's governance model is summarised below.

Governance model

Edison's governance is integrated by the corporate organisation and implemented through a management structure divided into divisional organisational units for the management of the various business areas and the management of common corporate activities and transversal processes. Detailed information on Edison's corporate governance system is provided in the 'Corporate Governance Report' updated and published annually together with the financial statements.



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