An efficient and sustainable production park

We've been producing electricity since 1883 and were the first in continental Europe. Today we continue to invest in the future by choosing cutting-edge and sustainable technologies.

Our power generation park includes highly efficient combined cycle gas-fired thermoelectric plants (CCGT), hydroelectric plants, wind and photovoltaic plants.


Total power plants

4.96 GW

Overall net efficient power in our thermoelectric facilities

22.6 TWh

Electricity produced in 2022


Actual company's share in national energy production

Our commitment to energy transition 

We want to build a future made of sustainable energy and become leader in the energy transition in Italy; we aim to reach 40% of renewable energy sources within our production mix by 2030. Investing on renewable energy production, however, is not enough: believing in energy transition also means focusing on the latest generation gas system, of the highest efficiency, essential to grant stability to the national electricity system.  
The journey towards the reduction of CO2 emissions, the fight against climate change and the transition to an increasingly renewable production must be undertaken in a responsible way, without endangering the supply and granting a stable and reliable service. 
Because of this, the intermittent production of renewable sources must be supported by gas installation’s stability, able to rapidly overcome a potential lack of energy supply during times of high demand. 

Fighting climate change: our goals for a sustainable energy future

By 2030 we want to achieve a production mix consisting of 40% renewable energy and reduce the specific CO2 emissions of our power generation park to 230 gCO2/KWh.

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Hydroelectric: a historical presence

At the end of the 19th century, we built the first power plants in our country, that are still in operation. The renewable energy of water is not only our origin: it also represents the future of our society.

We invest in this sector on a double track: we work to consolidate and increase our position in the field of large derivation plants and we are committed to expand our range of action through the construction or acquisition of mini hydro plants.


Wind: the second operator in Italy

We have been active in the wind sector since 2014 through E2i Energie Speciali, a partnership with F2i Fondi Italiani per le infrastrutture.

In 2019, thanks to the entry into operation of new wind farms and the acquisition of existing fields, we have increased our installed capacity from fourth to second place in Italy.


Photovoltaics: the basis for a significant development

In 2019, we significantly increased the installed capacity of our photovoltaic park thanks to a series of acquisitions, thus laying the foundations for a significant development in this sector.


Thermoelectric: efficiency and innovation

We were the first in Italy to introduce combined cycle gas technology for our thermoelectric plants in 1992: an efficient and environmentally friendly technology, which guarantees the national electricity system the production flexibility necessary to compensate the intermittency of renewable sources generation.

In 2019 we invested over 670 million euros to realize two state-of-the-art combined-cycle gas-fired thermoelectric plants: in Marghera Levante (Veneto) and Presenzano (Campania). The technology of the two plants will allow a significant reduction of the specific emissions of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides compared to the average of the current Italian thermoelectric park.

How we create value for territories and local communities

Discover more on our positive impact on the areas where our plants are located.

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