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We manage the energy produced by more than 1,000 plants, with a total portfolio of over 3.7 GW of power. Our company is a key player in electricity from photovoltaic, wind, hydroelectric, and thermoelectric source and from co-generation.


Energy Management

Our services


Energy Off-take and Management

We have historically been a partner of IPPs - independent producers for the management and offtake of energy, primarily produced from renewable sources, as an alternative to GSE's Dedicated Offtake regime. We contract tailor-made solutions for our clients, assisting them with active portfolio management featuring pricing structures that maximise asset value for the producer, minimise operational risks and stabilise revenues.


Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is physical multi-year contract for the offtake of energy generated from renewable sources, required for the producer to limit the volatility of the market.

Edison Energy Management provides the following services:

  • production forecasting, definition and daily transmission of offers to energy markets, optimisation of imbalances;
  • reporting to the markets on all economic items;
  • relations with the network operator;
  • REMIT reporting;
  • retiring Guarantees of Origin.

The most commonly price structures are:

  • fixed price allowing the sale price of the energy produced to be fixed for a predetermined period of time, guaranteeing a hedge against energy price volatility;
  • price indexed to zonal price, permitting fixing.

Guarantees of Origin (GO)

The Guarantee of Origin (GO) attesting to the renewable origin of the energy sources used to go-qualified plants (plants with Guarantees of Origin). For each MWh of renewable electricity fed into the grid by GO-qualified plant, the Energy Service Operator (Gestore dei Servizi Energetici or GSE in Italy) issues a GO certificate Edison offers to purchase GOs produced by plants under a number of different contractual formulas.


Energy Efficiency Certificates

Energy Efficiency Certificates, known in Italy as TEE (for Titoli di Efficienza Energetica) and commonly know as white certificates, are marketable securities that are awarded for reduced securities that are awarded for a reduction in primary energy consumption achieved through end-use energy efficiency measures. We at Edison are committed to helping companies obtain TEEs and optimise their use on the market. 


Dispatching services

Drawing on our knowledge of the markets accumulated over decades operating our own plants, we manage the dispatching of electricity generated by third-party plants, maximising its value on the market and optimising revenue for the producer with a view to sharing the profit generated.

Combined use of sophisticated proprietary tools and external providers allows us to offer tailor-made solutions developed in-house responding to the immediate requirements of the business, which can be quickly integrated into processes and improve production forecasts.

The services we offer include:

  • integrated plant management on energy markets and the Ancillary Services Market (MSD);
  • for plants concerned with production cycles, withdrawal and sale of surplus production on energy markets;
  • optimisation of imbalances;
  • management of dispatching on behalf of the producer and simultaneous regulation of administrative tasks vis-à-vis GSE/Terna.


For more information, contact us at Origination.energy@edison.it.