Welfare & Benefits

Welfare & Benefit

We work every day to build a sustainable future safeguarding the environment.

To do so, we constantly focus on valuing our persons recognizing their professionalism and needs, to create an inclusive and stimulating work environment. 

All our persons can enjoy complementary health insurance plans, as well as supplementary retirement pension schemes. 

At the same time, we provide our employees a up to date service package to foster a healthy work-life balance through our platform ‘Edison per Te’.

  • Experts at your disposal

    Edison supports its employees covering consulting services in the legal and taxation field, as well as paediatric and pedagogical assistance to workers’ families.

  • Employer’s contributions, staff discounts and other benefits

    All of our staff in function dispose of company restaurants, ticket restaurants, as well as specific agreements with local businesses.

    Our internal benefit platform is periodically update and allows employees to access online stores with brand new corporate agreements and promotions. In addition, staff can enjoy special offers on household energy supply and related value added services.

  • Work-life balance, health and wellbeing

    At Edison we foster initiatives helping workforce to reconcile private life and work, we firmly believe in the power of flexibility and remote work.
    For this reason, at Edison, depending on the nature of activities, we do facilitate remote work promoting an agile approach.

    We firmly believe in the importance of sports in facilitating wellbeing and relatioships among co-workers, for this reason several years ago our corporate sports club 'Edison PLAY' came to light.

    As regards freetime sports, all of our employees can access national 'Fitprime' circuit, providing consistent discounts in gym membership subscriptions.

    What's more, every year all employees can have access to one private medical checkup by choice for free and make full use of free remote medical, psychological or nutritional consulting.

  • Sustainable mobility

    At Edison we help colleagues with their ordinary expenditure by contributing to public transportation and e-mobility service payments to facilitate commuting.

  • Family policies

    Edison Group finances scholarships for children's study abroad programs (one-year, three months or shorter study trips), and provides free vouchers for 25 hours of home daycare, and employees have the possibility to ask for free loans and reimbursement for their children's school expenses.

    During summer several campuses for kids are organised, either in Italy or abroad.

    Programs for teenagers span from orienteering initiatives for university studies or worklife, to private tutoring throughout the entire school period.
    Another noteworthy program is 'Al tuo fianco', which is aimed at supporting families in need through caregiving, expense reimboursement and elderly home care services.