Board of Statutory Auditors

Board of statutory auditors

The Board of Statutory Auditors monitors compliance with the law and the Company’s bylaws, and is called upon to verify that the Company complies with the principles of proper administration and that it adopts controls to ensure the adequacy of the organisational structure, the internal control system and the administrative-accounting system.
The Board of Statutory Auditors also performs functions controlling how the corporate governance rules laid down in the Corporate Governance Code are actually implemented, as well as the adequacy of the provisions issued to subsidiaries in relation to their obligations to disclose inside information to the market.
Further supervisory tasks of the Board of Statutory Auditors include the obligation to monitor compliance with the procedure regarding related party transactions, and compliance with the provisions concerning non-financial disclosures, as well as the independence of the audit company.

The current Board of Statutory Auditors, appointed by the Shareholders' Meeting of 5 April 2023, consists of three members: Serenella Rossi (Chairman), Lorenzo Pozza and Gabriele Villa, and three substitute members: Silvano Corbella, Luigi Migliavacca and Patrizia Albano.

All auditors will remain in office until the shareholders' meeting called to approve the financial statements as at 31 December 2025.

Serenella Rossi


Lorenzo Pozza

Substitute auditor

Gabriele Villa

Substitute auditor

Silvano Corbella

Substitute auditor

Luigi Migliavacca

Substitute auditor

Patrizia Albano

Substitute auditor