Anti-corruption Guidelines

In consideration of the efforts that national and international institutions are implementing in order to forestall and thwart corruption crimes, Edison, as committed as always to maximizing the professional ethics of its collaborators, has adopted the “Anti-Corruption Guidelines”.

The Guidelines, approved by Board of Directors of Edison S.p.A. in 2015 and subsequently periodically updated (most recently in 2022), fully belong to the wider Group policy whose aim is to underline once more its stern stance of total refusal and opposition against every type of corrupt conduct, with specific regard to activities performed in foreign Countries.

The compliance program thus developed is complementary, for Italy, to the Organizational and Management Model “231” and aims at providing both all Edison employees and those who, whatever their role, contribute to achieving corporate objectives, with a systematic framework of the existing principles and rules which must always be complied with in order to prevent corruption acts in those areas with higher risk exposure.

Subsidiaries, both in Italy and abroad, ensure that the ”Anti-Corruption Guidelines” are adopted after formal approval from their competent corporate body, and that they are communicated and applied in a timely manner.


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