Vision for the future

Marc Benayoun, Edison’s CEO

We work together with our customers, supporting their businesses and daily needs. We endeavour to be the benchmark for providing energy with low environmental impact. We offer our unique experience and know-how to build a future of sustainable energy that will improve and simplify people’s lives. The energy efficiency solutions and technologies that we propose to our customers and partners represent our customized responses to their specific needs.

We are a leading operator in the Italian energy sector in a context in which energy is no longer just electricity and gas, but is rather a broader concept, associated with everything that it makes possible: energy is the key to the smart transformation of our lifestyles.

Edison, the oldest energy company in Europe, currently operates in Italy, Europe and the Mediterranean with a staff of more than 5,000 people. Since 2012, the Company has been controlled by the EDF Group and is listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, limited to its saving shares.

Edison distributes electric power and natural gas to households and businesses, as well as efficiency services and environmental solutions, in particular to industrial clients and Public Administration. Thanks to a highly efficient and flexible portfolio of electric powergenerating facilities ranging from CCGT plants to hydroelectric stations, wind farms, solar and biomass systems, Edison generated 19.7 TWh in 2017, accounting for 7% of Italy’s electric power production. Our objective is for 40% of the electricity we produce to come from renewable sources by 2030.

In the hydrocarbons business, Edison operates in Italy, in the Mediterranean Area and in Northern Europe, with over 100 concessions and permits for the exploration and production of natural gas and crude oil, and reserves of 224 million barrels of oil equivalents. In 2017, the company imported 15.1 billion of cubic meters of gas, covering 22% of Italy’s total gas imports and contributing to the security of the national energy system.

Edison’s gas supply system is based on a diversity of sources and routes and numerous flexible long-term agreements with a range of European, African and Middle Eastern countries. The company is also developing infrastructure projects to import gas that will contribute to the security and affordability of Italy’s electricity supply. It also manages gas storage and distribution with its subsidiaries.


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