Financial debt and cost of debt


The table below provides a simplified breakdown of the Group’s net financial debt:


(In milions of euro)12.31.202312.31.2022Variations
Non-current financial debt696709(13)
- Due to banks416462(46)
- Due to EDF Group companies---
- Debt for leasing27923445
- Due to other lenders113(12)
Other non-current liabilities392712
Non current net financial indebtedness735736(1)
Current financial debt (excluding the current portion of non-current financial debt)21912693
- Due to banks11715102
- Due to EDF Group companies1174
- Debt for valuation of Cash Flow Hedge derivatives---
- Due to other lenders91104(13)
Current portion of non-current financial debt1267452
- Due to banks753540
- Debt for leasing513912
Current financial assets(132)(3)(129)
- Current financial assets from EDF Group companies(4)-(4)
- Credit for valuation of Cash Flow Hedge derivatives-(1)1
- Other current financial assets (°)(128)(2)(126)
Cash and cash equivalents(1.234)(456)(778)
Net current financial indebtedness(1.021)(259)(762)
Net financial debt Assets for sale126-126
Total financial indebtedness(160)477(637)
Gross financial indebtedness1.080936144
of which Other non-current liabilities392712

(°) At 31 December 2023 they include financial receivables from discontinued operations for 126 million euros.