Share history and historical quotations

Period Mergers, capital increases, divestments Number of shares
December 2002 Italenergia's stake in Edison is conferred to the holding Italenergia Bis. Edison is merged into Italenergia Spa. The new company adopts the name Edison; listing of the “new" Edison shares.  
December 2002 Conversion of a subordinated loan into capital increase subscribed by Italenergia Bis, the majority stockholder: 1,000,000,000 new shares issued. 1,000,000,000
December 2002 Capital increase: issue of 1,094,832,730 shares coupled with free warrants. 1,094,832,730
December 2002 503 million capital increase subscribed by Italenergia Bis shareholders.  
March - April 2003 1,095 million euro capital stock increase option offer: 687 million subscribed by Italenergia Bis and its shareholders, 413 million subscribed by the market.  
February - April 2005 Italenergia Bis shareholders exercise their put options. As a result Fiat Energia Srl, Carlo Tassara Finanziaria and the banks sell to EDF their direct and indirect stakes and warrants in Italenegia Bis and Edison.  
September 2005 Transalpina di Energia, a holding company owned by EDF (50%) and Delmi (50%, in turn controlled by AEM Milano, now A2A, acquires from Italenergia Bis the stake in Edison ordinary share capital and warrants, as provided by the Framework Agreement and the Shareholders Agreement, both signed on May 12th.  
October 2005 Transalpina di Energia launches a compulsory takeover on Edison shares and a voluntary takeover on Edison warrants.  
December 2007 Edison warrant exercise plan completion: 498,596,549 warrants exercised, 91,877 annulled. Edison warrant exercise plan completion: 498,596,549 warrants exercised, 91,877 annulled. 1,094,740,853
July - September 2012 A mandatory offer for Edison ordinary shares was launched by Transalpina di Energia Spa. At the closing of the Offer (August 3rd, 2012) the threshold of 95% of Edison's ordinary share capital has been reached and exceeded and, pursuing to the law on mandatory offer, has fulfilled the sell-out obligation on between August 13 and September 4th 2012, thus reaching 99,483% of the voting capital. Borsa Italiana Spa has decided the delisting of the ordinary shares of Edison from the electronic stock market (as of 10 September 2012. The saving shares have not been involved in the offer and remain listed.  
April 1, 2016 Contribution in kind of Fenice Spa Edison by Transalpina di Energia Spa 85,300,000
April   2019 Voluntary conversion of n. 378.894 savings shares into common shares in accordance with Art.25 of the Edison's Bylaws  

Historical quotations

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