Visit our plants

Discover our energy at 360°

Discovering the places where our energy is born

Google Street View allows you to visit and take a close look at three of our oldest power stations, with 360° views: the Carlo Esterle power plant in Cornate d'Adda, Brianza; the Angelo Bertini power plant in Paderno D'Adda (Lecco); and the Guido Semenza power plant in Calusco D'Adda (Bergamo). Three plants with a long history at the service of the country, producing clean sustainable energy.

Centrale Esterle - Virtual Tour

Centrale Esterle

Visit our plant in Cornate D'Adda (Monza-Brianza area) with a 360° view
Centrale Bertini - Virtual Tour

Centrale Bertini

Visit our plant in Paderno D'Adda (Lecco area) with a 360° view
Centrale Semenza - Virtual Tour

Centrale Semenza

Visit our plant in Calusco d'Adda (Bergamo area) with a 360° view

Flying over our historical plants

A look from above, on dikes and plants representing a cornerstone of our story with their cutting-edge technologies and unforgettable landscapes.

Hydroelectric plant

Fly over the Venina dam (Italy) with its stunning landscapes, travel on the rails that link the dam to the plant following the path of the water until you get inside the engine room of the historic hydroelectric plant Esterle (Italy), that produces clean energy since 1898.

Visita il nostro headquarter

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