Virtual tour of the Esterle power plant

The Carlo Esterle hydroelectric power plant is located on the right bank of the River Adda in the municipality of Cornate d'Adda (Monza-Brianza area). It is dedicated to the memory of Carlo Esterle, Managing Director of Edison until 1918. 

The plant is renowned for its beauty. The building is built in a style derived from the eclectic Lombard tradition. Meticulous ornamentation, geometric and floral motifs, the columns and capitals at the entrance, wrought-iron lampposts and eaves, and the imposing Gothic windows make it look more like a villa than an industrial building.

The walls and ceiling of the engine room are carefully decorated, as are the floors, lamps and numerous wrought-iron fittings. The facility has been modernised and improved on several occasions since 1998, always preserving its original form.

Bertini power plant - Virtual Tour

Bertini power plant

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Semenza power plant - Virtual Tour

Semenza power plant

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