Virtual tour of the Bertini power plant

The Bertini power plant in Paderno d'Adda (Lecco area) is the Edison group’s oldest hydroelectric power plant, and one of the oldest in Italy. When it was inaugurated in September 1898, it set a number of technological records: it was the largest electrical installation in Europe, and among the biggest in the world (second only to Niagara Falls).

The plant was built with the goal of obtaining sufficient power and energy to electrify Milan's tram network, a public service that Edison operated on concession from the municipality.

On 19 December 1898, the last line still served by horses, the Porta Ticinese line, was finally covered by electric trams: Milan became one of the first European cities to have all its tram lines entirely converted to electric traction.

The plant is dedicated to the memory of engineer Angelo Bertini.

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