Economic and financial figures

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Income Statement Data(*) (in millions of euros)2022 financial year2021 financial year% change
Sales revenues



as a % of sales revenues3.7%8.4%-
as a % of sales revenues2.0%4.0%-
Net profit from Continuing Operations176431(59.2%)
Net profit from Discontinued Operations6(1)n.s.
Profit (Loss) for the year attributable to the owners of the parent151413(63.4%)


Financial data (in millions of euros)12.31.202212.31.2021Var. %
Net invested capital (A + B) (1)6,5256,4571.1%
Net financial debt (A) (1)(2)477104358.7%
Total shareholders' equity (B) (1)6,0486,353(4.8%)
Shareholders’ equity attributable to the shareholders of the controlling company (1)5,6595,934(4.6%)


RatingCurrentLast review date
Standard & Poor’s  
- Long term ratingBBB21.05.2021
- Short term ratingA-221.05.2021
- OutlookStable24.08.2023
- Long term ratingBaa321.02.2022
- OutlookNegative21.02.2022


Key indicators31.12.202031.12.2019Var. %
Debt/Equity (A/B)0.080.02-
Gearing (A/A+B)7.3%1.6%-
Number of employees (1)(3)5,8184,91818.3%

(1) Period-end data. The changes in these values were calculated compared to December 31, 2021.

(2) A breakdown of this item is provided in section 6.3 “Net financial debt and cost of debt” of the Notes to the consolidated financial statements.

(*) See the Notes to the consolidated financial statements.