Economic and financial figures

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Income Statement Data(*) (in millions of euros)2023 financial year2022 financial year% change
Sales revenues18.436


as a % of sales revenues9,8%3,5%-
as a % of sales revenues4,3%1,8%-
Profit (Loss) from Continuing Operations582153280,4%
Profit (Loss) from Discontinued Operations1429(51,7%)
Minority interests in profit (loss)8131161,3%
Group interests in profit (loss)515151241,1%


Financial data (in millions of euros)12.31.202312.31.2022Var. %
Net invested capital (A + B) (1)6.7356,5253,2%
Total financial indebtedness (A) (1)(2)(160)477(133,5%)
Total shareholders' equity (B) (1)6.8956,04814,0%
Shareholders’ equity attributable to the Parent Company shareholders6.4605,65914,1%


Standard & Poor’s  
- Medium/Long term ratingBBBBBB
- Medium/Long term outlookStableStable
- Short-term ratingA-2A-2
- RatingBaa3Baa3
- Medium/Long term outlookStableNegative


Key indicators12.31.202312.31.2022Var. %
Debt/Equity (A/B)(0,02)0,08-
Gearing (A/A+B)(2,4%)7,3%-
Number of employees (1)6.0145.8183,4%

(1) Period-end data. The changes in these values were calculated compared to December 31, 2022.

(2) This item incorporates the ESMA Guidelines on financial debt, published on March 4, 2021, which CONSOB requested to be adopted as of May 5, 2021. The breakdown of this item is shown in section 6.3 “Total financial debt and cost of debt” of the Notes to the consolidated financial statements.

(*) See the Notes to the consolidated financial statements.

(**) The 2022 figures have been restated in accordance with IFRS 5.