Europe’s most efficient thermoelectric power plant

The most advanced Italian technology in the service of energy transitiona

Thanks to the agreement signed in Genoa on March 5, 2019 with Ansaldo Energia, Edison will equip its new thermoelectric power plant of Marghera Levante with a new turbine that will make possible the production of electricity using less natural gas. In this way, the output of the plant will be increased and it will be possible to reduce emissions into the atmosphere.

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€ 350 mln

The overall investment for refurbishing the power plant

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- 70%

The reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions

- 40%

The reduction of specific emissions of carbon dioxide

780 MW

The electricity capacity of the new power plant


A plant in the vanguard

The project to refurbish the Marghera Levante power plant will keep the authorised electricity production capacity unchanged while reducing the installed thermal capacity. In this way, it will be possible to produce the same quantity of electricity using less fuel, thereby improving the plant’s energy efficiency and its output, which will reach 63%, compared to the current 55%.

The intervention, which will last for three years, will make it possible to reduce the specific emissions of nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide and to rationalise the volumes occupied by the engineering structures of the power plant, with a reduction of the chimneys from 5 to 3 and a consequent reduction of the visual impact on the Porto Marghera skyline.

We want to take a leadership role in Italy’s energy transition: we are proud that this is taking place thanks to the agreement between two companies of Italian industrial excellence, both committed to promoting the country’s development, innovation and sustainability
Marc Benayoun - Edison’s Chief Executive Officer

Strategic infrastructure

The Marghera Levante refurbishment project will enable the power plant to contribute to the security of the energy supply of a region with great industrial and entrepreneurial vitality. The new power plant will offer a significant contribution to the stability and balancing of the electricity system, at a time when the increase of renewable energy production on national territory will bring major challenges to the grid, in terms of intermittency and less predictability of productions.

By choosing Ansaldo Energia as the supplier of the new power island for the Marghera Levante plant, Edison is making use of technological excellence and supporting the Italian industry: the agreement is part of a plan in favour of the country’s energy transition that envisages 2 billion euros of investment in Italy for the three-year period 2019-2021.

The announcement of the project

Agreements were signed with Ansaldo Energia in Genoa on 5 March for the construction of the new turbine.

Present at the event were the Chief Executive Officers of Edison, Ansaldo Energia and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, respectively Marc Benayoun, Giuseppe Zampini and Fabrizio Palermo. Also taking part were Dario Galli (Deputy Minister for Economic Development), Edoardo Rixi (Deputy Minister of Infrastructure), Giovanni Toti (President of the Liguria Region) and Marco Bucci (Mayor of Genoa).

Edison’s thermoelectric generation: sustainability and innovation.

In 2018, nearly 80% of the electricity produced by Edison was generated through thermoelectric power plants. The park of plants is made up of 17 power plants (14 in Italy and 3 abroad), all combined gas cycle. Edison was the first to introduce this technology in Italy in 1992 and today it is the most efficient and sustainable way of producing electricity through thermoelectric plants.