Our strategy for sustainable mobility

For a more sustainable transport

According to an ISPRA study, the transport sector in Italy is responsible for a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions, a figure in line with the EU average. In particular, 92.6% of emissions are produced by road transport, which accounts for 23.4% of total CO2 equivalent emissions on a national scale. In this sense, it becomes essential to invest in decarbonization strategies in transportation to have a positive effect on climate.

At Edison, we promote sustainability in transportation through electric mobility solutions. We have implemented the first integrated logistics chain to make maritime and road transport sustainable through liquefied natural gas. We invest in biomethane as an alternative to traditional fuels to achieve a significant reduction, and in some cases almost total elimination, of greenhouse gas emissions within the atmosphere.


Our solutions for electric mobility

In electric mobility we offer solutions for residential and business customers based on the supply and installation of charging systems, for private use or public access. Specifically for business customers, we offer end-to-end services to equip companies with electric mobility charging infrastructure: from fleet analysis to plan the electrification process to the design, supply, installation, management and maintenance of the relative charging infrastructure. The partnership with Toyota/Lexus continues for the electrification of all Italian dealerships of the group with specific offers aimed at customers who purchase electric or plug-in cars from Toyota/Lexus.


LNG for ship refuelling and road transport

We want to make liquefied natural gas accessible for the Italian market, promoting sustainable mobility. This is why we have developed the first integrated logistics chain of Small Scale LNG with four depots: one opened in Ravenna, one authorized in Oristano, and two other projects under development in Naples and Brindisi.


Biomethane: circular economy for lower impact transport

We are the first operator licensed by the GSE for the collection and delivery of biomethane, and we have entered into agreements to facilitate the transition to this more sustainable fuel. We supply compressed methane to filling stations all over the country. With EnviTec Biogas we want to promote the construction of biomethane production plants by entrepreneurs mainly in the agricultural sector, while with Lidl, IVECO and LC3 we supply a green fleet employed in store logistics in northern Italy.

Climate Action

We put our people at the centre by promoting a fair and inclusive work environment that respects health and safety.

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