Plurality and inclusion: the power of involvement and the energy of diversity

The energy that changes everything is our people

We involve our people in wide-ranging projects, enhancing their different roles and skills through increasing autonomy and responsibility. This is because it is important to us that everyone feels that they are the primary protagonist of each of our successes.


Our values

In 2020, we defined our Employer Value Proposition, consisting of four pillars that define the qualities and priorities that the company has identified as hallmarks of daily work activity.


Plurality and inclusion

Inclusion and diversity became part of Edison's sustainability objectives in 2018 thanks to one of the areas of the Transformation Team project aimed at suggesting effective and concrete solutions to enhance diversity and plurality. The actions developed to strengthen awareness, the managerial culture and widespread behaviours on the subject, to integrate colleagues from different business and regional contexts as well as to promote empowerment and enhancement of the trades, also a STEM perspective, have led to several projects involving more than 2,000 colleagues in past years.


Involving our people

We have been committed to promoting employee engagement through a number of internal communication projects and initiatives aimed at maintaining and strengthening the integration of our people by exploiting innovative ways of interacting that can overcome the physical distance limits imposed by the pandemic. In 2021, for example, “The voice of the colleagues” became a central feature in a series of video stories that recounted the company's projects and professions. The The Days of Edison project, on the other hand, involved about 40 colleagues for 11 videos dedicated to the world days established by the UN and Edison's commitment on different areas.

Human capital and inclusion

We put our people at the centre by promoting a fair and inclusive work environment that respects health and safety.

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