Landscape protection

The landscape is us

Landscape represents for us at Edison a catalyst for our sustainability policies related to the creation of value in the territories: central in this sense is the social aspect of landscape, whose character derives from the action of natural and/or human factors and their interrelationships. Landscape is therefore in effect a platform through which we focus our attention and commitment to our stakeholders. In order to achieve these goals, we have committed ourselves to the development, by 2025, of at least three projects aimed at landscape protection.

Wind paths

Energy production plant interact with the landscapes that host them. Consequently, during 2021, we participated in the publication of the Tourist Guide to Italian Wind Farms, a project designed by Legambiente to help people discover special, little-known territories that today represent one of the most interesting laboratories for energy transition. The Edison plant that has found a place in this showcase is the Santa Luce wind farm in the province of Pisa.

Natural capital and landscape

We are committed to ensuring that our economic growth is also environmentally sustainable. We acknowledge in fact the value of ecosystems, we are attentive to the proper use of resources, and we act to protect biodiversity and landscape.

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