Respect for biodiversity

Protecting natural habitats by listening to the needs of local areas

We combine competitiveness and sustainability and act to protect biodiversity. For more sustainable and environmentally friendly production, we develop new technologies and make our processes more efficient: we are committed to controlling, monitoring and mitigating the environmental impact of our production activities and we carry out projects and activities to raise awareness among communities and in local areas. For this reason, we have committed to activate three projects for habitat protection and biodiversity enhancement by 2023, co-designed with local stakeholders.


Studying the local area

Over the past few years, we have conducted an analysis of ecological vulnerability and biodiversity risk near our power generation sites, examining a 10-kilometre radius for each of our more than 200 plants: a biodiversity profile was created for each generation site, taking into account the animal and plant species present, scientifically recognized habitats and biomes, and natural areas under protection.

55.000 km

Area covered by the analysis, amounting to 18% of the Italian territory


Animal and plant species identified within the study


The portion of the surveyed species of particular conservation interest


Valtellina's biodiversity

In 2021, the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Assessment Study was conducted on a Valtellina geographical area close to the Ganda, Belviso and Publino hydroelectric plants and the area of the Orobie Valtellinesi Park. The activity, carried out with the active collaboration of the Park, led to the drafting of a descriptive report and four detailed thematic maps: land use map, vegetation map, nature map (terrestrial or aquatic areas entirely natural or semi-natural) and summary map of priority ecosystem services (all those goods and services produced by natural and semi-natural ecosystems, such as the supply of resources, climate stabilisation, waste recycling, protection from erosion and geological instability, pollination, recreational land uses and landscape aesthetics).


Tracciolino, energy and suggestion

Since 2016 we have revived the Tracciolino, a tourist trail in Valchiavenna between Verceia and Novate Mezzola that is rich in biodiversity. We have involved students from the Novate Mezzola Comprehensive Institute to enhance it, thanks to a team of biologists and environmental experts and the supervision of the Valchiavenna Tourist Promotion Consortium.

Natural capital and landscape

We are committed to ensuring that our economic growth is also environmentally sustainable. We acknowledge in fact the value of ecosystems, we are attentive to the proper use of resources, and we act to protect biodiversity and landscape.

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