Pier Giuseppe Biandrino

Legal & Corporate Affairs

He was born in Vercelli in 1957. He graduates in Law in 1981 at the University of Pavia and attends qualifying courses, taking also his doctorate, at New York University School of Law and at Columbia University. Then he begins his activity of Research at “Istituto di Diritto Privato e Processuale” in University of Pavia. He is ex- student of Collegio F.lli Cairoli of Pavia and violet of New York University. From 2005 he is University Lecturer of Public Works Legislation in Engineering Faculty of Bergamo. He has written about private law, in particular in terms of contracts and arbitration. He is copyreader of a Company Law’s Review.

In 1986 he begins his working career as jurist at Lawyer’s Office of ENI (major Italian oil company), in International Mining Negotiation Unit of Agip Spa. In 1987 he is appointed responsible of Lawyer’s Office activities of Fratelli Branca Distillerie Spa till 1989, when he becomes Director of Legal Direction of Camuzzi-Gazometri Spa.

In 1997 he joins Montedison Spa, becoming Legal & Corporate Affairs Director in 2000 and then after company’s fusions in 2002 he is General Counsel of Edison Spa.He has held different positions and charges at trade and territorial associations and from 2005 he is Arbiter of Assolombarda.

He is found of biblical studies and an experienced gentleman driver. He loves the country area near Vercelli and Varese, where, with his wife and their loved Dalmatian dog, he spends his free time reading, driving sporting cars and gardening.


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