Gas distribution

Incorporated on February 3, 2000 through the merger of several historical natural gas distributor acquired by the Group starting in 1998, Infrastrutture e Distribuzione Gas is the company that handled the natural gas distribution activities of Edison Group. As one the first companies in Italy to use piping systems of polymer-based materials, it has a proven expertise in the distribution of natural gas to industrial and residential customers.

Infrastrutture Distribuzione Gas distributes each year about 300 million cubic meters of natural gas to 150,000 customers in Northern and operates Central Italy and 1,400 km of low-pressure pipelines, 1,100 km of medium-pressure pipelines and 1,000 km of connecting-pipe systems.

In addition, it bids on calls for tenders issued by municipal administrations for the award of new concessions, pursuant to current laws. The distribution of natural gas is a regulated activity. As such, it is regulated and controlled by the Electric Power and Natural Gas Authority (AEEGSI), which issues resolutions through which it sets permissible revenue levels, quality and safety benchmarks and network access rules.

Natural gas distribution activities are subject to functional separation requirements, in accordance with Resolution No. 11/07 of the Electric Power and Natural Gas Authority. To comply with these requirements, Edison adopted a special corporate governance structure, assigning specific management responsibilities to an “Independent Operator.”