Edison launches Edison World: from the smart home to intelligent energy use

Edison launches Edison World: from the smart home to intelligent energy use

Milan, 23 March 2017 – Edison has taken three steps beyond energy and expanded its range of action to enter the smart home market with a comprehensive service that meets the growing needs of today’s new high-tech consumer. These solutions are specially designed for users who are always connected (98% of Italians have a smartphone) and looking for new, customisable offers that improve the way they manage Italians’ most precious asset: their home. Just think that 80% of Italian families own the home they live in.

With this in mind, Edison announces a new series of services, Edison World, to meet three specific objectives: a home that is automated (Edison Smart Living), safe and protected (Edison Casa Relax) with transparent energy costs and powered by green energy (Edison World Luce e Gas and Edison My Forest).

Today, Edison is shaking up the traditional energy market,” announced Alessandro Zunino, CEO of Edison Energia.In a rapidly changing world like the one we live in, it is no longer enough to merely supply energy and natural gas. We aim to be close to people, ensuring their utmost comfort and well-being at home, with new, efficient, simple and intelligent management solutions for the sustainable consumption and use of energy, in order to fuel progress.

This strategic decision reflects Edison’s understanding of the constantly expanding Internet of Things (IoT) market for the smart home, which, according to 2016 data from the Milan Polytechnic’s Observatory, has grown at double-digit rates[1] to more than €180 million (+22% on 2015). 79% of those interviewed said they were willing to purchase a smart device in the next few years. In particular, 44% of Italian families would like to use a device that makes them feel like they have everything under control, to improve comfort and protection; 40% would like a device that helps them control consumption (especially heating) and therefore helps them save. This is the case of smart thermostats that can be adjusted remotely and provide helpful tips to improve energy efficiency. Another 29% said they would be interested in managing their home appliances remotely. 

In the wake of this revolution, Edison Smart Living is a starter kit for the Italian home, transforming any residence into a smart home that can be managed remotely with just one app and making it more comfortable. Users can download to their smartphone or tablet (both Android and iOS) programs for all smart home devices available on the market (from lamps to video cameras, electrical appliances and thermostats, with the number of compatible devices constantly on the rise). The strengths of this starter kit are that it is extremely flexible, so users can customise their home to meet their needs, and that it is easy to use, so help from an installer is not required. In addition to the console, which features both a video camera and hotspot connection functions, the starter kit comes with three devices: a smart cord to turn appliances on and off and measure consumption, a motion, light and temperature detector and a window/door sensor. The entire package costs €19.90 per month with no initial charge. In addition, the offer includes a customer assistance hotline.

Edison Smart Home is opening the doors of its headquarters at Foro Buonaparte 35, in the centre of Milan, until 7 April, Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm. Visitors may experiment with all the potential of the automated home and its advantages in terms of improving quality of life and security.

Moreover, the smart home can also minimise unexpected disruptions or malfunctioning. This is why Edison has designed a special home assistance service for its customers. The on-call repair service covers needs due to malfunctioning electric and natural gas systems in the home. Edison Casa Relax Luce and Edison Casa Relax Gas each cost €6.50 per month, for a total annual premium of €78, tax included. Unlike its main competitors, Edison’s service covers an unlimited number of service calls with no deductible and a one-year warranty on repairs, with coverage of up to €2,000, including the cost of the call, labour and materials. For just a few euros a month, this solution eliminates the cost of expensive repairs when something breaks down.

As total market deregulation approaches, Edison is also taking a step forward to inform and empower consumers to make more knowledgeable decisions, beginning with the home and covering the supply of electricity and natural gas. Edison World Luce e Gas improves transparency by giving consumers direct access to wholesale electricity and natural gas prices for a low monthly fee to cover the market operator’s service cost (fixed fee). Consumers who choose this offer will finally enjoy the benefits of a short procurement chain to meet their electricity and natural gas needs.

Taking another step in this direction and encouraging a culture of sustainability, Edison lets customers adopt a tree to be planted in Haiti for only €1 a month in their electric and natural gas bill over one year, to fight deforestation, help absorb carbon, reduce soil erosion, restore hydrogeological stability and boost local productivity. Customers who choose to participate in Edison My Forest can then watch their geolocalized tree grow online and they can share its growth and environmental benefits on social networks.

In a special preview, Edison World is being presented to the press today from 10 am to 7 pm at via Cesare Correnti 14, Milan. In this space, in the heart of Milan, Edison will talk about its development from a reliable utility company producing and selling energy to a company capable of meeting its customers’ domestic needs, responding to their problems with immediate solutions. Matteo Cibic will be a special guest. Hailing from Milan, the renowned Italian designer combines history, tradition and innovation, just like Edison.

For information on Edison World, go to www.edisonenergia.it or call 800.14.14.14




Edison is a leading Italian and European player in the procurement, production and sale of electricity, in the provision of energy and environmental services thanks also to its subsidiary Fenice and in the E&P sector. Founded over 130 years ago, Edison has contributed to the electrification and development of Italy. It now operates in Europe, Africa and the Mediterranean area, employing 5,000 people. In the power generation sector, Edison has plants with total capacity of 6.5 GW.


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