Circular economy

Edison's approach to the circular economy

Working by following the principles of the circular economy has increasingly become a necessity to counter the depletion of natural resources and their irrational use. In this transition path that plays a key role in responding to today's environmental challenges, we apply the circular economy principles in a number of ways: through our efforts to achieve the set carbon neutrality targets, by adopting a sustainable approach to procurement activities, by providing industrial customers and public administrations with energy efficiency solutions, and by monitoring the use of natural resources from the design phase to the end of life of our operations.


District heating for resource enhancement

Wood biomass from environmentally sustainable waste material can become a useful resource for producing energy: with Edison Teleriscaldamento we are working in the sector with more than 80 thermal power plants and 40 distribution networks concentrated in the foothills and mountains. A virtuous example is represented by the wood biomass power plant in Cerialdo, inaugurated in 2019 that is able to cover the heating needs of more than 350 households and some tertiary buildings in the area. The distribution network of the Ciriè plant is also in the pipeline, which will extend over 15 km, reaching 3,000 households and whose district heating plant will use both gas and solid biomass.


Economy is circular when it is shared

In recent years we have joined the Generazione SpreK.O. initiative, promoted by Cittadinanzattiva and co-financed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies. The purpose of the project is to raise awareness among citizens about the need to reconsider their consumption for the proper use of goods and resources, promote recycling and foster awareness of the social, environmental and economic benefits of sustainable and responsible consumption. Over more than two years of activity, by means of ten meetings in as many cities, it has been possible to trigger a discussion on these issues between business entities, municipal administrations, public companies, universities and citizens.

Natural capital and landscape

We are committed to ensuring that our economic growth is also environmentally sustainable. We acknowledge in fact the value of ecosystems, we are attentive to the proper use of resources, and we act to protect biodiversity and landscape

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