Additions to the agenda or submission of resolution proposals on matters already on the agenda

Pursuant to Article 126-bis of Legislative Decree 58/98 (“TUF”), those shareholders who, including jointly, represent at least one fortieth of the share capital may request, within 10 days of publication of the call notice, and therefore by Monday May 31, 2021, to add to the list of matters to be discussed, or submit resolution proposals on matters already on the agenda, specifying in the request the additional topics or the resolution proposals they are submitting.

Adding to the agenda is not permitted for topics on which the Shareholders’ Meeting passes resolutions, according to the law, on proposal of the directors or on the basis of a project or a report they have prepared, other than those pursuant to Article 125-ter, paragraph 1, of the TUF.

The requests, to be submitted in writing, must be accompanied by the personal data of the requesting shareholder (surname and name, place and date of birth) for natural persons, or the name and tax code for entities or companies, and sent to the Company, along with the communication of the intermediary attesting to ownership of the investment on the date of the request:


By sending them via registered letter with return receipt to the address:

Edison Spa
Rif. Corporate Affairs & Governance - "Integrazione Odg Assemblea Edison SpA 24 giugno 2021"
Foro Buonaparte, 31, 20121 Milano (MI) – Italia


Via certified e-mail to the address:

Requesting shareholders must also send the Company, with the same methods and within the same term Monday May 31, 2021, as specified above, a report indicating the justification of the resolution proposals on the matters for which discussion is proposed, or the justification relating to the resolution proposals submitted on matters already on the agenda.

Any additions to the agenda or the submission of resolution proposals on matters already on the agenda will be disclosed at least fifteen days before the date scheduled for the Shareholders’ Meeting (therefore by Wednesday June 9, 2021), in the same forms as those set forth for the publication of this notice. At the same time, the reports prepared by those requesting an addition to the agenda submitting resolution proposals will be made available to the public at the registered office, in this section of website on the “eMarket Storage” authorised storage mechanism (, accompanied by any assessments of the Board of Directors.

Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting June 2021

Milan, June 24, 2021