Power Storage

Energy supply security

The closure of most coal-fired plants planned for 2025 and the growth of electricity generation from renewable energy sources (RES) will adjust the balance of Italy's energy system. According to the scenario published in 2022 by Terna and Snam, 70 GW of additional PV and wind power will be needed by 2030 (compared to 2019). 


The increase in the share of intermittent renewables and the reduction of programmable thermoelectric capacity in the Italian electricity mix will make it increasingly difficult to match supply and demand, which in the electricity system must be instant and constant to avoid risk of blackout.   

Thus, almost 100 GWh of storage, including both batteries and hydroelectric pumping, will be required to ensure security of supply by 2030.

Our goals and solutions

Edison is an active player in Italy's renewable energy sector, with a target of 5 GW by 2030. With a view to ensuring the security and adequacy of the electricity system, Edison aims to develop 1 GW of storage capacity in parallel by 2030, either through hydroelectric pumped storage or electrochemical batteries.

Edison is therefore evaluating a number of different solutions and pursuing various applications for authorisation, with a view to participating in the forthcoming auctions.    

Edison has begun procedures requesting authorisation for the development of pumped storage plants in Sicily, Sardinia, Basilicata and Apulia, and received authorisation for a lithium ion utility scale battery project with 10 MW of power and 40 MWh of storage capacity to be built in Abruzzo.    

The development of storage systems, in parallel with the development of renewable energy sources, is essential for Edison, because it not only ensures the security and adequacy of the national electricity system, but also optimises the operation of the renewable plants in the company's portfolio and thus contributes to the decarbonisation of the country.

Areas in which we innovate

Innovation itself is constantly changing, and in our work at Edison we always keep an eye on the latest developments in the industry, staying on the cutting edge of innovation to safeguard the future.