From ideas to the building of plants: Edison's Engineering department contains all the necessary skills for the design and construction of complex and very different facilities, from hydroelectric and thermoelectric power plants to wind and photovoltaic installations as well as natural gas distribution and storage infrastructures. From design to distribution, including the construction and operative management of facilities, striving for excellence in all energy generation processes and systems.


At the heart of every project

In order to develop each project, the Engineering Business Unit endeavors to find the best technological solutions for the development, construction and modernization of the plants. Thanks to a team of about 90 engineers, we work tenaciously to find solutions that are shared, efficient and sustainable, with full respect for the environment and the territories that host us.

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We design and develop photovoltaic plants and wind farms. We reinforce our hydroelectric capacity with new mini-hydro plants and the revamping of existing ones.


We work on revamping projects and the construction of new combined cycle power plants (CCGT) using the most efficient and environmentally-friendly thermoelectric technology.

Natural Gas

We are key players in the construction of gas importation infrastructures, such as gas pipelines, natural gas regasification and liquefaction stations and LNG coastal deposits.

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Energy Efficiency

We design and build systems which streamline resource use for industrial clients, Public Administration, SMEs and the tertiary sector.

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Investing in renewables for a more sustainable energy

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