Energy efficiency and environmental services

At the side of industries, public administrations and territories

We offer tailor-made, integrated solutions in the energy consultancy field, we carry out the upgrading and design of buildings and on-site energy production using energy resources with the aim of minimising the environmental impact and reducing costs. We make our experience and know-how available to businesses, public administrations and territories in order to disseminate a culture of energy efficiency, promoting the development of industry and the country.

Every day, we work with all our energies for a sustainable future


Small, medium and large industries: we support companies by promoting increased competitiveness on the market through the control and management of their energy costs.

We guide them on their path to efficiency: from consultancy on obtaining incentives and certifications to the design, management and maintenance of plant and buildings. From the diagnosis and monitoring of energy costs to the design and creation of plants for the self-production of energy. We operate along the entire value chain of energy efficiency and environmental services, ensuring our clients are provided with ad hoc solutions and the best methods of financing the proposed projects.

Public administrations

We support public administrations in improving the quality of the services offered to citizens: functional school buildings, comfortable hospitals focused on the wellbeing of patients, safe, liveable cities, efficient public offices both for those who work there and the visiting public. We work for the maintenance and enhancement of the legacy of public entities through integrated solutions for energy efficiency and the facility management of civic and health buildings.

We also offer our know-how for designing the cities of tomorrow: financial savings, reduction of emissions, improvement of liveability and employment prospects are just some of the positive effects of our energy solutions for smart cities.

The territories

Attentive listening to the increasingly complex and diverse needs of the different local stakeholders: we propose integrated energy efficiency solutions to the territories. From this perspective, in the last year we have developed district heating and energy upgrading projects of condominiums in different areas of Italian territory.

We are active in the district heating sector with more than 80 thermal power stations and 40 distribution networks concentrated in the foothills and mountain areas.

We upgrade energy-hungry buildings like Italian condominiums through digital modelling, thermoregulation and the use of photovoltaic panels integrated in the distributors for electric mobility.

Education as a tool for sustainability

We believe that, in order to promote a culture of energy efficiency, it is necessary to collaborate with research institutes and universities in order to draw on the best innovations and make them available to our clients. This is precisely why we are committed to sharing our know-how through the Energy Efficiency Campus at our Officine Edison in Turin: we organise workshops and masters’ aimed at energy managers and energy professionals, entrepreneurs, financial or banking operators and evaluators and officials of institutions and public administrations.


We cultivate loyal and lasting relationships with all our stakeholders and operate in the market with transparency and fairness, always maintaining a customer-centred approach. Focusing on innovation and digitalisation, we offer a range of services designed to meet the needs of our customers, which encourage sustainable consumption and low impact choices.

For this reason, one of the nine goals we have set ourselves with our sustainability policy is to launch at least 30 design initiatives by 2021 through the innovative BIM system capable of reducing waste and inefficiency by monitoring all the planning, construction and maintenance phases of a building.