Edison for customers

The customer at the centre

We are close to customers and markets to develop a dedicated services package that best meets the needs of all types of our consumers.



We want to bring sustainability to the homes of all our customers: from January 2022, in line with our objectives and the growing sensitivity of consumers, all our new electricity and gas offers will be 100% green only, through guarantees of origin of electricity exclusively from renewable sources and offsetting gas carbon emissions with certified credits. Digitization and sustainability: in a changing environment, we have consolidated our platform of innovative solutions to enable our customers to reduce their consumption and use energy in a smart way. We have also developed a loyalty program through which we offer personalised communications aimed at consumers' expectations partly through data voluntarily made available by them.


Small and medium enterprises

We have developed a range of services for all our SME clients: our offer enables small and medium-sized enterprises, among other things, to achieve energy autonomy in a sustainable way thanks to photovoltaics or to be equipped with systems for electric mobility and recharging. With the aim of accompanying SMEs on a virtuous path toward sustainability, we signed an agreement with the Cesab Research Centre in 2021, which will lead to the creation of an experimental model for reducing climate-changing emissions in the agricultural sector.


Large industrial customers

To guide our large business customers along the path of ecological transition, we aspire to be an energy partner with the goal of:

• Supportare il cliente ad orientarsi nella complessità normativa, tecnologica e gestionale, progettando insieme a lsupporting customers in understanding regulatory, technological and operational complexity, designing ad hoc solutions together with them on the basis of the actual needs and specific characteristics of their technical and financial context;

• integrating individual efficiency actions within a single strategy of systemic and complete intervention;

• committing to the results, with the utmost transparency on the performance achieved, offering to support all or part of the investment with mechanisms for sharing the savings obtained (ESCO formula);

• using digital tools to measure, design and manage efficiency interventions, collecting and enhancing energy and operational data. The signing of a multi-year agreement with Michelin Italiana for energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and carbon footprint reduction at Michelin's Cuneo plant is an example of this collaboration.


Public administration, tertiary and smart cities

We support public administrations with an integrated offer of building and plant management and energy requalification services to support them in their day-to-day operations but also in their transition towards sustainability and smart cities. A case in point is the process of boosting energy efficiency at the Melegnano Martesana healthcare complex, completed in 2021, which saw Edison involved in the project to upgrade the thermal power plant with the installation of low environmental impact and high efficiency systems for the self-production of energy and remote management. Aware of the importance of training, we have also launched "Edison Talks4Enterprise" and "Advise4Enterprise", a series of events dedicated to the world of energy and the energy transition, respectively from a strategic or more operational standpoint.

Trust and transparency: our dialogue with consumer associations

Keeping our customers' satisfaction high is one of the commitments we carry out every day: that is why we cultivate strong relationships of trust, listening, dialogue and design collaboration with the twenty Consumer Associations of the National Council of Consumers and Users (CNCU), recognized by the Ministry of Economic Development.

Innovation is culture. Young people: energy for the future.

In collaboration with TheFablab, we promoted a series of three webinars aimed at stimulating the creativity and entrepreneurial attitude of participants and imagining new solutions for using energy responsibly, including through the use of new technologies.

Unique protocol for joint conciliation

An agreement was signed in 2021 between the seven largest operators in the energy, water and district heating sectors and twenty consumer associations to promote and enhance the alternative dispute resolution tool, consolidating the dialogue between companies and consumer associations and strengthening the relationship of trust with consumers.

The Voluntary Self-Regulation Protocol.

To constantly improve the quality of sales activities and make controls even more stringent, in 2018 we extended the agreement with all the associations of the National Council of Consumers and Users, introducing new measures that are even more stringent than those provided for in consumer protection regulations.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Board

In order to ensure that any disputes with consumers are resolved quickly, effectively and free of charge, we have established with the 20 CNCU Consumer Associations a joint conciliation body ready to respond appropriately to the consumers' needs.

Value for customers, local areas and sustainable economic development

We listen to the needs of local areas, partner companies and citizens to cultivate fair and lasting relationships.

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