A solid economic performance in a context of great economic and geopolitical uncertainty

The outcome of strategic resilience and efficiency

2022 has been crucial to put light on the corporate stand in the path towards Italy’s energy security and on the objectives of €sustainability and decarbonization set nationwide. Edison’s rapid adaptability to change thanks to its diversified assets portfolio made it possible to pursue our strategic goals, even in current tumultuous context.

Our keywords of 2022

Edison management board goes in depth on the year’s positive economic output.

€ 176 mln

Net profit from Continuing Operations* in 2022

+ 12,4%

Substantial EBITDA margin increase reaching € 1.112 mln, from € 989 mln of the previous year

€ 30.380 mln

Sales revenues of Edison Group for the Financial Year 2022

Asset 17

€ 477 mln

Net financial debt to December 31st 2021

* Economic indicators calculated on Continuing Operations shall not include contributions from E&P activities, which are classified as Discontinued Operations.

Essential facts of 2022

Our commitment in the hydrogen chain

02/22 – A new agreement between Eni and Ansaldo Energia is signed to launch a feasibility study for green and blue hydrogen production to replace a significant proportion of natural gas used to fuel the new Edison power plant built in Porto Marghera.

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The acquisition of Gaxa

04/01 – Edison purchases a majority interest of Gaxa, a company active in energy retailing through a proprietary network of natural gas, LPG and propane-air mixes infrastructures.

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The ‘Traiettorie Urbane’ project

04/07 – Foundation Fondazione EOS announces the start of its ‘Traiettorie Urbane’ project aimed at strengthening local cultural and sporting offer for youngsters between 11 and 17 living in the area with the goal of stimulating their creativity and imagination.

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Edison Next development plan

05/11 – A brand-new subsidiary is announced: Edison Next will guide corporations, SMEs and public administrations through their path towards economic transition. With Italy, Spain and Poland as first reference markets, Edison Next acquires Citelum Italia Srl (Italy’s second major player in the field of public lightening) and signs an agreement of the decarbonization of the Italy’s Valcamonica territory.

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The hydroelectric power station in Palestro, Italy

05/27 - A new running water hydroelectric facility with 3.600 KW overall power is inaugurated on the Sesia river, in the Pavia province.

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The Mazara del Vallo wind farm

06/15 – A new wind farm in the Trapani province is inaugurated. Edison exceeds 1 GW total installed wind power capacity and retains its leadership position in the country.

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Wind farms development in the Campania region

07/28 – Edison acquires a 66 MW wind farm in the Campania region, formerly property of Axpo. Edison also holds a previously acquired wind farm of overall capacity of 70 MW. The most recent acquisition gives life to one of the biggest wind plants in Italy with an overall capacity of 136 MW.

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Gas Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria (IGB Pipeline)

10/01 – Commencement of commercial operations from the new gas interconnector IGB Greece-Bulgaria. The infrastructure has a capacity of 3 billion cubic meters, equal to the entire Bulgarian gas demand, and is part of a bigger infrastructural system enlarging the Southern corridor and fostering diversification is energy sources for Europe.

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A development plan for residential energy communities in Italy

10/13 – Edison Energia, a subsidiary of the Edison Group operating in the sale of electricity and gas, presents a development plan aimed at implementing 200 residential energy communities within 2024.

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Our commitment to Milan’s La Scala theater

11/22 – For the twelfth consecutive year, Edison partners with the theatre alongside its decarbonization and ecologic transition path. Edison is an official active supporter of the theater and provides the La Scala Foundation with electric power fully renewable electricity.

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The contrast to energy poverty

12/01 – After announcing its engagement in the first project of Manifesto dell’energia onlus foundation, aimed at supporting 100 families in Reggio Calabria, Edison joins the board of directors of Banco dell’energia foundation with the goal of promoting future initiatives to contrast energy poverty.

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Edison Next partners with Vodafone Business

12/06 – A partnership between Edison Next and Vodafone Business is announced. This new binomial is aimed at accelerating ecological transition for Italian SMEs and public administrations by providing innovative energy efficiency solutions.

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