Edison launches “Edison Next” for the decarbonisation of businesses and territories in Italy and Spain

• With more than 3,500 people operating in Italy, Spain and Poland, Edison Next supports companies and the public administration in addressing the challenge of the ecological transition with a platform of services, technologies and skills, unique on the market.

• Its Strategic Plan through to 2030 envisages investments of 2.5 billion euros in Italy and Spain aiming to reach an EBITDA of 300 million euros.

• Edison Next has recently closed the acquisition of Citelum and gained control of Sistrol. Citelum is Italy’s second most important public lighting player operating in cities such as Venice, Naples and Siracusa and the fifth most important in Spain, in cities like Barcelona, Madrid and Seville. Sistrol is a digital company specialised in energy services for the tertiary sector in Spain.

Milan, May 11, 2022 – Edison launches Edison Next, the company established to assist businesses and territories in the ecological transition and decarbonisation. Edison Next is a platform of services, technologies and skills, unique on the market, already active in Italy, Spain and Poland, with more than 65 industrial sites, 2,100 public and private structures and active in 280 cities, with more than 3,500 people.

Edison Next’s development plan features investments for 2.5 billion euros by 2030, of which 300 million for the energy services sector in Spain, and targets an EBITDA of 300 million euros.

Edison is Europe’s oldest energy company and intends to play a leading role in the ecological transition. For 140 years now, we have been operating in this sector through a sustainable, cutting-edge power generation mix,” Nicola Monti, Edison Chief Executive Officer, declares. “Today, with Edison Next, we are speeding up on energy and environmental services, one of the key pillars of our strategy, together with renewable sources, efficient use of natural gas in power generation and heavy goods transport and innovative services for residential customers. All that is supported by a significant investment plan as a concrete contribution towards the challenging EU decarbonisation objectives”.

Today we celebrate the launch of Edison Next and we are proud to announce our investment plan through to 2030,” Giovanni Brianza, Edison Next Chief Executive Officer, declares. “Our mission is to partner with businesses and territories on the ecological transition, leveraging on a platform of services, technologies and skills, unique on the market. We support businesses in being competitive on their reference markets and public administrations in improving their services to citizens. We aim at becoming a reference player in Spain and in Italy”.

Edison Next has finalised the acquisition of Citelum, which has an extensive presence throughout the Italian and Spanish territories. It is Italy's second most important public lighting operator and the fifth most important in Spain with a market share of 10%. In Spain, Edison Next has also taken over control of Sistrol, a digital company operating in energy services for the service sector.

Edison Next supports businesses with a transformation process that combines sustainability and competitiveness. The company aims to be partner of with its customers, along the decarbonization journey, from the carbon footprint analysis to the joint definition of objectives and the design and implementation of solutions, continuously monitoring the results.

Edison Next is also focussed on the public administration for the development of territories, proposing energy services for buildings (schools, hospitals, sports centres, prisons) and urban regeneration solutions in partnership with developers and constructors.

Edison Next operates through a platform of solutions that represents an integrated, multi-product portfolio that is flexible and diversified and includes solutions for energy and environmental consulting (such as the analysis of the carbon footprint and support in obtaining incentives), for power self-production (such as photovoltaic and trigeneration), for the requalification and efficient use of all energy systems in industry and buildings (e.g. heat pumps, LED lighting and digital solutions), for the production and use of hydrogen and biomethane, for sustainable mobility (electric, hydrogen and biomethane), for the smart city and urban regeneration (sustainable district heating, public lighting, solutions for traffic and mobility, digital tools for energy planning and the management of districts and cities) and for the circular economy (management and use of industrial waste, remediation and water treatment).

Under the Green Deal, by 2030 55% of CO2 emissions in Europe must be reduced compared to 1990. Europe will thus become the first climate-neutral continent (net CO2 emissions equal to zero) by the second half of 2050. Achieving these objectives will require a significant contribution by businesses and public administrations. Total investments in Italy are expected to exceed 60 billion euros, and in Spain 50 billion euros, in the period 2022-2030.

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