Digitisation of business processes

Automation is a set of technologies (software and/or intelligent platforms) that makes it possible to reduce the need for human intervention, particularly in performing repetitive and complex tasks.

Based on these assumptions, Edison is also studying and implementing advanced automation solutions to transform and digitise its business processes. The most important forms of automation being implemented at the moment are RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and low-code platforms.

Specifically, RPA refers to all applications in the area of 'software robots' that relieve humans of manual tasks and duties involving repetitive activities; whereas low-code platforms are development environments that allow application software to be created through configuration modules and graphical interfaces, instead of programming by writing source code.

The company invests significantly in scouting for automation solutions, frequently exploring new opportunities and evaluating the integration of new technologies, with the aim of improving overall operational efficiency and creating an increasingly human-friendly working environment.

On which areas we innovate

Innovation itself is constantly changing, and in our work at Edison we always keep an eye on the latest developments in the industry, staying on the cutting edge of innovation to safeguard the future.