Accettura (MT)

The methane field of Accettura is located in the Matera district, near the village of Garaguso in Basilicata, southern Italy. 

Accettura (MT)

The field was discovered in 1967 thanks to the perforation of the AC1 well. Seven wells have been drilled in this field, five of which are still active, while the remaining two have been abandoned. Production started in 1973 with 4 wells. A fifth one was added in 1975. The gas produced in Accettura is collected by means of a flow line network, which channels the gas over to the Edison facility in Garaguso where it is compressed and measured. The gas is subsequently transferred to the ENI treatment and compression facility in Grottole/Ferrandina by means of a 6" wide pipeline, where the input into the SNAM network takes place. 

Main features

Matera (MT), Basilicata



Operating since: 1973

Average expected production: about 120000 m3/day

Grant situation: currently still

Number of wells: 5 all in production

Operator: Edison (85%) – GPI (15%)

Treatment and gas storage: Central of Grottole/Ferrandina (ENI)